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Adreamer, a wanderer, a writer, an editor, a freelancer, and at times a philosopher – that’s what Neha Jha says she is. But with the varied hats that she dons, we are sure she’s only being modest. Writing for her is a way of life, a way to express the beating of her heart, a way to explain the tick of her brain, and that’s not all. Heading the Creative & Communications team of Event Eyes Communications, she is the force behind Lit-O-Fest, an out-of-box idea that presented the established authors and the wannabes in an exhibition format at Sir J. J. School of Art and Architecture, Mumbai.

Chandni Mathur: A writer, author, poet, dreamer and believer! Which of these is closest to you and what is about?

Neha Jha: I think I am more of a poet than the rest. My emotions, imaginations, thoughts, all occur in form of verse.  And that is how found its way. The website is an online diary where I pen down these verses 300 dollar loan today online.

CM: You came out with a poetry e-book Moods and Musings. What was your inspiration behind its compilation?

NJ: Moods & Musings is a collection of emotive poems, the ones I have written in last few years. The passion was the inspiration. Though yes, the purpose was to know if people could relate with my poems.

CM:What influences your writing?

NJ: Emotions drive my writing and it has the biggest influence on what subject I chose, what words I pick and what meanings I create.

CM: How supportive is your family – tell us about any such incident where in you felt ‘it’ wouldn’t have been possible without their help?

NJ: Family has always been the source of strength. When I delivered my baby and had to leave a well-settled- lucrative- full time job to take care of her, it was only the encouragement from family that helped me work and develop my ideas of author-publisher event.

 Emotions drive my writing and it has the biggest influence on what subject I chose, what words I pick and what meanings I create.

CM: You juggle many a portfolios. Then, how did you land into an event management company? How did lit-o-fest come into your platter?

NJ: All the portfolios, somewhere, are connected.  Whether it is writing, heading media & communications, handling creatives or managing PR, all of these are interlinked. And I enjoy doing all of these. Event management came my way seven years ago when a company offered me good package for handling its event communication department. Money was important to survive in Mumbai as I had not made much of it at the prestigious newspaper I was working with in those days. After spending few months at that company, I knew I had an inclination towards organizing events.

With Author’eyes 2015, which gradually turned into Lit-o-fest, I merged both my interests – writing & organizing an event together. A learning and networking event for the budding authors.

Rapid Fire

Three words to describe Lit-O-Fest.

Write Your Way

Neha Jha—a writer or a poet?

A poet, yes!

Your best memory.

The best memories are yet to be made! That is what gives hope to life!

Mumbai to you is?


A thought that scares you.

Losing those whom I love.

CM: Throughout your journey in the publishing world, what do you think was a turning point that pushed you a notch higher?

NJ: Getting associated with Jaico Publishing House was a turning point. India’s first publisher of paperback books in English language! The company supported me to an extensive level from the beginning when I was merely conceptualizing Author’eyes 2015. The owner Mr. Akash Shah and the National Sales Manager, Mr. Vijay Thakur were big support.

CM: Despite of all this, is there anything that you wish to achieve?

NJ: Yes, a lot. A long list of ‘yet to achieve’ things. I am a greedy person! I feel I have just started  living my dreams.

CM: You have been in this industry for 10 yrs now. What advice do you have for the upcoming writers and poets who are looking for a platform to showcase their talent?

NJ: It is very important to know your strengths as well as your limitations. Just wanting to be a writer can only make you a self-published author. If you have to make it big, polish your skills. If your book is well written, it will find a publisher, if not now, may be few weeks later. But it will.

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Chandni Mathur

Chandni has an experience of about 10 years in the field of publishing and media. Writing and reading fiction and otherwise is her much cherished hobby and as it is said there's nothing better if your hobby is your profession.

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