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Submission Workshop
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    Auction of Seema Patel by Chandan Sharma

    Manish kept some pictures of Seema on the table. Ranjit, who was still busy smoking, saw the picture from the corner of his eyes. She was fair. Her face was perfectly oval in shape. Her eyes were big, hazel with impressively long eye lashes, curled upward. The shape of her nose seemed perfect, although it was a little slanted…

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Look at what others are saying about eWorkshop

  • It was a pleasure working with you on this piece. I found your feedback pretty useful and the quality of the piece has improved immensely. Not to mention, I have had the experience of submitting my work to various magazines, most of them do not even reply in case the work is rejected. Its so rare that your magazine is not only providing feedback about the pieces you reject, but is also helping writers to improve on their skills by having Skype hangouts with them. Kudos to you folks!!!
    Priyaa Trippayar
  • I wish to convey my special thanks to Nikhil for liking my work and commenting on it so aptly. Thanks a lot for your support too and i think the workshop was quite educative and helpful. I read the edited version and tried to learn better ways of structuring sentence, grammar and syntaxes, following the corrections you made. Thanks a lot once again for that .
    Nita Bajoria
  • Thank you very much. I saw the changes which improved my manuscript a lot undoubtedly. Few places I felt the natural flow of the story got disturbed, but the workshop refined the story a notch higher. I am really amazed with the guidelines that have been prepared to improve the quality of a short story.' After the hangout, we received an e-mail from the author, giving his approval to the final version of the story.
    Narayan Roy
  • To begin with, I find myself fortunate having got an opportunity to be a part of eFiction workshop. It is, indeed, a great platform for all the newbie writers like me. It is grooming the writers, to be precise. I am very grateful to eFiction India for letting me be a part of this workshop as I did learn a lot during the process.A special mention about the extremely talented Deepti Razdan, who helped me edit my story and also, taught me how to minus the irregularities, confusions to make it appealing. She was available whenever I emailed her considering the time lag and took in to consideration even my slightest uncertainties. It definitely was enlightening and supportive and couldn't have asked for a better person. In short, the entire workshop was a great experience and I would love to continue to be a part of it. Keep up all the efforts you guys are taking to make us better writers.
    Shruthi Nayak