A book editing package is a one-two punch of everything your manuscript needs to be ready for publication. First we’ll put it through a rigorous comprehensive edit, hunting out any issues with structure, style or phrasing and providing actionable advice on finding the best form of your story. Then, once you’ve reviewed the edit, made your revisions, and feel ready for the next stage, we’ll copyedit your manuscript and ensure that it’s totally error free and ready for publishing.

The Comprehensive Edit

Our comprehensive edit is the most in-depth editing service available, and guarantees that a trained editor will:

  • Perform multiple readings of your story, building a real appreciation of its style and context.
  • Provide honest, professional advice from someone with experience of the self-publishing industry and its readership.
  • Address the story both on a line-by-line and wider structural basis.
  • Deliver editorial feedback through reversible changes to the manuscript, comments on the manuscript itself, and a written editor’s report.
  • Liaise with you to discuss their feedback and the paths available to you going forward.

It’s the rigorous edit your story needs, but the service doesn’t stop there.

The Copyedit

Once you’re happy that the structure and content of your story is ready for publication, we’ll ensure that its technical execution is too. A copyedit is a forensic editing of your book, picking out the kind of typos and grammatical errors that you have to be a trained editor to spot. These include:

  • Inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, and numerals.
  • Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Misused words, figures of speech, and unclear terminology.
  • Factual inaccuracies, misleading explanations, and missing information.

Your manuscript will emerge from the copyedit in a pristine state, completely ready for readers to tear through it without a single problem.

The Whole Package

Our book editing package will take you from ‘not sure what to do next’ to ‘ready to publish’. It’s a full service that looks at your story from every conceivable angle, giving you great advice and unbeatable technical insight.

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