Advertising Details

Advertising Details


Over the last year, we have featured current work by some of the most respected names in the world of letters, wrote exclusively for us and incidentally, this was the first time that many of our writers from overseas were published in India.

eFiction India is the only product of its kind in the Indian market. To allow it to develop its character and secure a committed readership without external influences, we had taken a conscious decision not to use advertising in the first year of publication. That period is now over, the product has found its niche and acquired brand recognition in its target audience, and we are looking for advertising, in print and online.

We would prefer to work with a small number of advertisers whose corporate values are similar to those of this magazine, and who have products which appeal to our audience.Read More

The advertising rate card for Print is available on request from In the meantime please refer to our Advertising Policy

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Marketing and promotion are vitally important to the success of your work. Invest in yourself and purchase advertising in the website space, online magazine or print. Choose the platform that most closely targets your niche and see your sales grow.

Take us up on the advertising to promote your work. Or pass along the offer to friends. It means a lot to everyone in the eFiction India community.

Circulation available upon request.

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