• sheis,e

    She Is Me by Charles Hayes

    That cove of water with reflective glints, of summer green and pale stones, held by steep hills of hardwood,…

  • Thinde
  • del_grosso_06

    I Want To Know by Rabjot Singh

    I was not sure what to speak about to this old man. We both sat on the dining table…

  • awesome_hot_tattoo_girls

    Take Me For A Ride by Sreelakshmi Sivaraman

    This time around, I could feel him blatantly staring at me. When his left hand shakily shifted gears, I…

  • woman_illustration

    The Perfect Hostess by Anum Tahir

    Her bitterness turned to despise and a wicked plan unexpectedly formed in her mind.

  • photographic-projects-by-Federico-Bebber-1

    Talesminia by Saiyed Farooq Jamal

    But it is good to make friends, isn’t it? I shake his hand and we’re friends now.

  • blood_spatter_by_zeds_stock

    Wounds by Shahrukh Jamal

    He fiddled with the knife stained with the dense drops of blood and looked at it distressingly as the…

  • tumblr_o01j1wVxK21sb70p8o1_1280

    Breaking Out by Sumant Sogikar

    Their language felt alien to me, I spoke the same language though, but I heard and understood nothing.

  • girl231

    The Walk by Rizwan Saleem

    The sea was tranquil, there was no moon tonight. The waves spilled calmly on to the shore.

  • inspiration-illustration

    Routes of Escape by Mukta Singh-Zocchi

    Peering behind the toilet bowl he found Tara’s stash. The granola-bar she had feigned disinterest in was broken in…