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    Fuck It! I break my silence by Rituparna Chowdhury

    If I do not wash this dirty linen outside, many more linen layers would be stripped due to the…

  • Anglefish jumping to Big bowl

    At C Level by Nikhil Sharda

    My preamble is aimed at all those who are trying to surpass the next; my sincerest word of advice…

  • Infinity-Time

    Mom Monologues by Neelima Vinod

    The sound of the baby’s voice was sweeter than any song you have heard. Remember when your headphones were…

  • intelligence

    Intelligence Vs Intelligent

    If intelligence is an emotional experience, my point is, there is no point! Only rational experiences need a point…

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    Wintry Imaginings by Ananya Dhawan

    Winters and writing go hand in hand. Some of the most wonderful pieces of literary works are created in…

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    Flashback by Urvashi Butalia

    At some point I asked them how they felt about being part of a peacekeeping force. Were they proud…

  • time_travel

    Unravelling Time by Richa Mehta

    The passage of time, and the way we mark it, is what sets apart humans from all other life…

  • violence_to_women

    The Politics of Rape by Shreena Thakore and Ria Vaidya

    Consider this: a girl, gang-raped by 15 men. Why?

  • Cover_eFiction_India_Vol02_11
  • A Period is No Longer a Full Stop

    A Period is No Longer a Full Stop by Alka Pande

    Girls in their teens in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, brought up to consider menstruation as something that is “unclean”, are…