I Quit! Now What?

The idea of leaving job and pursuing your passion is selling like hot cakes these days. Who would not want to get rid of a 9-5 job and work on something that seems enticing and enjoyable? ‘I Quit! Now What?’ is a fiction novella that offers an insight into the mind of Nimisha, who is terrified and exhausted working day and night in a corporate environment. Each day, after battling with the deadlines and excel sheets, her heart is fit to burst. Tired yet open to new ideas, she finds a ray of hope when her pregnant friend declares that she is going on a sabbatical.

Galvanized by the idea she decides to call it quits and bid farewell to the boring job. Nimisha is unapologetic yet snazzy. She is spirited and that is what makes the readers empathize with her even more. She is just another girl-next-door who is pestered to get married and settle in life. But her rebelliousness wins over and she decides to take a call and make a decision. The story moves at a moderate pace. The exemplary characterization and impressive narration offers moments of genuine heartache but the refreshing plot makes the book worth every penny spent.

Unlike the other fiction novellas, where there are mushy love tales and everything ends in the cloud cuckoo land, this book offers different and enriching content. The book has a personal and emotional touch. With an excellent vocabulary, the authoress does not fail to touch that one chord that always encourages each one of us to argue the toss and move away from the robotic life. The plot is not only interesting but also gripping. The title of the book is catchy and blurb is very much precise.

Overall, the simplicity of book is what makes it a marvelous feat!

Author: Zarreen Khan

Publisher: Amaryllis

Rating: 4/5

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Enakshi Johri

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