The War Within by Sukhmani Gandhi

We live in a society that glorifies war and subsides all the peace makers. History is the proof of such a lifestyle, if asked one would remember the horrendous regimes of the Nazi Germany but when it comes to the peace making regimes one might hardly have strong reactions or opinions. Lets take the case of the recent surgical strikes in Kashmir, the broadcasting industry left no stone unturned when it came to bringing it to public. However, Ion Sharmila’s protest remained unnoticed until she decided to break her fast and choose another path regarding her protest against AFSPA.

My opinions can be contradicted easily by giving the example of Mahatma Gandhi but while making such a statement people forget that most of the movies that come about in public are about radical leaders during the national struggle while Gandhi’s ideologies are a part of the books.

Another strong and debatable thought is whether the youth of the country can identify with such radical behavior? Kanhaiya Kumar the J.N.U student became an inspiration for most of the students and a youth icon.

Rage, anger, frustration agitation against any government policy is justified on the part of the civilians of the country but resolving to radical practices is not the solution.

It takes a really small level of agitation to be ignite and lead to war . This is not war in the literal since but one that makes permanent   boundaries and the code of right and wrong in the society. The Jats and Marathas demanding reservations, the cow vigilantes creating havoc in the city and the river disputes have been increasing tremendously. Peaceful protests are hardly been there in the country? Recreational activities such as watching movies have also become a part of the war and the effects are both gruesome and long term. The reason for all this is not to be blamed on the officials but rather the uncontrolled behavior of the people. The restlessness that one goes through unless one takes charge of any violent means of action to overcome their emotions. The radical nature needs to be curbed and middle path needs to be found for the society to be a better place to live in.

The nationality defines people later but this caste, gotra or the regional boundaries around them define their existence. This is war. This is how I perceive war. The hidden war that we have our heads against the people of our own country. The rule of law exists but how much of it is followed by everyone in his or her daily life is the question that needs to be answered.

Disputes are a part of the growth any country but hatred and insulting any community is an example of the war in the head. In the story of the survival of the fittest lets alter the conditions and make is survival for all. May be that is the need of the hour .

Peace is nation or a country is always the bigger picture but peace is ones own head gives sanity. Sane people make a better society then a larger community with lesser crimes, later a city and so on.

The bigger picture is not a distant dream but a long term reality which can come in our country when each one of us decided to not get attracted towards the extreme and radical behavior and if not completely non- violent then atlas a middle way through it.

The constant war in the head can be fought easily by following the Good Samaritan behavior.

About the Author

Sukhmani Gandhi

Sukhmani identifies herself as a woman of substance and change. She has recently published her debut novel ‘The Shadow of the Dark Soul’ in 2015 which is a sincere dedication to Jyoti Singh Pandey( Nirbhaya). She was previously published in ‘We are Not Alone’, an anthology published in association with Mood Indigo in 2014. She also secured the third position in a competition organized by Rising Literia that reflected her views on the topic 'Freedom Mask'.Her other trysts with the written word can be seen on her blog ‘’. She believes the best form of expression is through quotations on the page “Ephemeral Wordss” and write to bring awareness in the society.

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