It Rained Again by Souvik Sarkar

Packing belongings and memories in her bag ..
She wiped away tears from her eyes ..
And as she walked towards the door ..
He stood there to bid her a goodbye ..

But goodbyes don’t make things easier..
Nor did it matter to her any longer ..
She decided to skip a hug with her dear ..
As she parted from him after five long years..

But the Heavens had other plans in store ..
The next moment the skies burst into tears with a roar..
As she looked up, getting drenched in rain..
Her heart pushed her for a walk down the memory lane..

She had never held him so close before that day..
They had together danced the night away ..
Then they parted with thousand words in their hearts..
Both tried to express.. but neither could say ..

But as she cursed the skies for the unplanned rain..
Soon she realised that her neck missed her chain..
With a worried heart she went back again..
And inside he waited with a smile and her chain..
“Your heart for the chain” He had traded back then..

Years later things had changed and now it rained again..
She cried harder..her tears masked by the thick drops of rain..
And then as she looked towards her neck she realised..
She needed to go back for something precious left behind..

With a hope in her heart she went back again ..
And inside he waited in tears with her chain..
“Your heart for the chain”, his voice choked..
“Traded years back .. and forever”, she hugged him and broke.

About the Author

Souvik Sarkar is a freelance writer and poet. Born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Souvik now lives in Bangalore, where he works as a Software engineer in an IT company.

Despite dwelling in a world of writing codes for machines, Souvik holds equal interests in writing poems and maintaining them in his blog or in He loves to pen down the day-to-day happenings in his life and around in the form of a poem or a short story. His keen interest for literature and art urges him to try out new things – like storytelling , especially the ones written by him.

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