Together Apart by Aditi Dayal

A rare moment

Of being together alone

Came when we were apart

And the bright stars shone

The stars winked knowingly

That it doesn’t really matter

You’re thinking of me intently

All pretence does that shatter

Did you-

Hear the secrets

The evening wind whispered?

Feel the night descend

Over us like a dark disguise?

See the low clouds

Part like crescent lips?

I know you did.

Because when the morning came

I felt on my cheek the mist of your

About the Author

Aditi Dayal

Aditi Dayal is a development sector professional, an accessories designer and mom to a one-year old. She likes to write short stories and poetry when everything else in life seems overwhelming and she needs to get back into her element. She has been writing for as long as she can remember but has only recently started out to consider publication seriously. Aditi is currently based in Lucknow, her hometown, and has a special love-hate relationship with the place's laid back attitude.

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