Lust by Sowmya Ramkumar

Sushma would have never indulged in such an act. Not in a Lifetime.

Alas, lust spared none. Here she was, heiress of the largest Oil Conglomerate snuck in a discreet corner of the cow shed.

Greying hairs, a fight ensued between virtues and lust, lust won.

Her eyes dazzled. A sheer view of Krish thrilled her. Shame did a momentary appearance fading away before thirst.

She knew he liked her to get down on her knees fast.

So did the heiress getting ready to enjoy the sweets smuggled by her grandson form the grand party.

Diabetes is such a pain!!!

About the Author

Saumya Ramkumar

Sowmya Ramkumar is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is passionate about authoring short stories and flash fiction. She draws her inspiration from simple occurrences around her. Sowmya believes that her family is her strength and support. She has won the famous 100 word story contest 2015 conducted by Reader's Digest Asia.

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