I will not regret losing you by Enakshi Johri


“Make sure the person you’re willing to take a bullet for isn’t the one behind the gun”. “I will not regret losing you” is a novella about friendship, love, trust, betrayal, coping skills and all about dreams. The story revolves around Aratya, a strong, determined and conscientious protagonist, who is struck by cupid’s arrow. But the odds do not seem to be in his favor as the relationship soon fades away, throwing the reigns into the dumping zone of the brain. Aratya tries to get a grip on himself by finding solace with his new friends and he succeeds to some extent until his destiny decides to play with his emotions once again. He meets Riyankaa and their friendship blossoms. The only hurdle is the emotional turmoil of Riyankaa. She carries the torch for Aratya but his deep wounds in the heart refuse to heal. It is then when the tables are turned and Riyankaa meets with an accident, leaving Aratya down in the dumps. He reaches out to his friends for help. Will his friends act as the pillars of strength and support him or will he be left all alone?

Grab this book to explore the deep, dark and complex cobwebs of relationships! 

My opinion

It is not important how many friends you have but the quality of people you spend your time with is more important. “I will not regret losing you” is one such book that is a blend of friendship, betrayal, love and trust. The author has done justice with the characters of the story and the star feature of the story is the well-paced and focused storyline. There is no diversion, unlike other stories where love is explained in terms of physical intimacy.

The narration is lucid. However, the dialogs are incomplete at times, leaving the readers confused about what is being said. The cover of the book seems gloomy but interesting. At first, after reading the blurb, I felt like I was going through the summary of the plot, but the last few lines forced me to unveil what secrets the story held. The plot takes the readers through a roller coaster ride, where they can feel every emotion, as felt by the characters of the story. The author has also successfully pointed out the clichéd phrase- “Friendship lasts lifelong” and exposed the dark reality behind the facade of trust and honesty.

Overall, a good job done by the author. Best wishes!


The book contains repetitive content that diverts the attention. The cover of the book could have been made better by depicting a male person (because the story revolves around Aratya). The proofreading and syntactical errors can be encountered time and again (along with printing errors). I personally disliked the use of Hindi dialogs- framed in English.




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Enakshi Johri

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