Private Jet : Spiritual Session inflight by Kristna Saikia

Kristna has become now the First woman in the world to introduce Spiritual Sessions in the Aviation industry where she will be available for inflight Meditation ,Healing sessions, Tarot & Angel Card Reading, Progressive relaxation with Hypnosis to special membership UHNW Elite and VIP travellers Worldwide, especially in her favourite,the Speedest no 1 Luxurious Private Jet in the World Gulfstream G650 which is popular among all Billionaires around the world and waitlist is 200 clients to own one and has collaborated with Brent Engstrom Global CEO,USA with his company A L U X A E R O, LLC who are into full service Luxury Private Jet/Charters with many more Luxury Lifestyle Management Services and Events.

Kristna is being silently ambitious with her spiritual journey to bring it to the maximum people especially to Ultra Elite class this time as she believes this categories of people needs extra privacy to disclose their problems and be away from the crowd .So what can be the best then sharing them inflight many miles up even above the clouds , away from the hassles of the earthly realm during their journey in their private Jets or Charters . They can go through a relaxation experiences through Healing and Meditation. Brent Engstorm being very creative and adventures himself supports the very thought of giving his clients a over all experience of Inner journey along with outer journey through Kristna’s designed package on Spiritual Wellness inflight .

Besides Brent is thinking much ahead supporting and inspiring now to make the Ultra Elites fly to all exotic destinations around the world with Spiritual Recreational sessions especially Understanding of Self in Nude and being Transcendental which is finding its momentum among clients world wide as attuning to ‘Nudism as a path to Spiritual Awakening ‘ which is designed, conceptualised and guided by Kristna herself . This session of her includes Meditation in Nude , NudeYoga,Crystal healing of the Naked body, Relaxing with Tantra Massage, Spiritual Wisdom and Initiations in nature in any private islands, Villas, Nude Beaches anywhere around the world with many facilities where the clients can be more attune to nature in private, spend time in Silence and rejuvenate themselves. Its like dating and meeting self.

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