Primordial Truth by Surbhi Thukral

His tawny eyes sink
in the forlorn shadow
of the waning moon,
bestial clad in red, orange and brown
roar at his ears:
“where breathes no crust,
where the soil devours blood
is where it sends you.
You rise
only to be trounced
when it hurls itself on you,
and brays your mortal sheath
into bits; you will then
be the light of a lantern fading away
as the shades of darkness take over
and emerges from them,
the primordial truth:
It is nothing save Rust: The Ascendancy
that vanquishes the light;
the death of it
a dying dream
in your glassy eyes.”

About the Author

Surbhi Thukral

Surbhi Thukral is a new mother of a 4-month-old beautiful boy. She has named him Ayaan; it means gift of God. Apart from being a doting mother, she writes fiction and poetry. Her work has been published in various anthologies, magazines and journals.

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