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Laughter is addictive and everyone loves a good laugh. But the art of comedy isn’t as easy to accomplish as it may appear to the viewer. To induce laughter through stand-up comedy, is an even more difficult discourse. With the comic stage filled with comedians of all sorts, the viewer gets inundated. Stand-up comedy acts have floored the witty platform!
NDTV Prime’s comedy show ‘The Rising Stars of Comedy’ serves the dish of humor to its viewers in a unique way. The comedy show is aired every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm. Travelling across the country to handpick the best upcoming comic talents is their specialty. The show has been exceptionally laced in desi flavor with a blend of popular comedians including Zakir Khan, Neeti Palta, Anuvab Pal, Sundeep Rao, Nishant Tanwar, etc. The comedians derive their inspirations from their own experiences and acute observations of life. Even the minutest incident is showcased in a way that you cannot help control your laughter. Stand-up comedians need not only weave words in a way that ordinary instances seem comical but garnish them with apt facial expressions, metaphors, double entendre, emphasis and imagery. The right timing is the most crucial factor. And NDTV’s Rising Stars are proficient at these and more.
The show is aimed at making you laugh out loud and lighten up the moment you watch the hilarious humorists strike your senses with their comic best. You won’t know what hit you till you realize you are shaking with mirth. And this effect will last long after the show is over. Such is the freshness and variety of the show!. Tune in from Monday to Thursday and get assailed by the ingeniously entertaining flairs that NDTV showcases exclusively for you!
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