Editorial Note - Vol.02 Issue.09

“A miserable collection of little secrets, that’s all any of us is. ”

~ Guillaume Musso

An astute observation, but one that I cannot wholly agree with.

Behind every relationship stands a scaffolding of secrets and stories, holding it together, keeping it steady as we add newer layers. Privacy and deception are but two sides of the same coin; one makes it acceptable to conceal things about yourself, but the other puts you at a moral disadvantage if you do.

But what would we be if not for our secret lives? Our interactions are built not just on the foundations of who we are, but also on the notions of who we think we are. The secrets that build us also build our world. We are products of our own imagination, as is the art that enriches our lives. We live and laugh amidst our creations—taking chances and playing out fantasies that would have remained unborn were it not for the web of secrets we weave around us like a cocoon.

We are all indeed a collection of secrets, but we are not miserable. We are a colourful patchwork of fancy and fantasy, hiding what we consider too dear to share, and concealing what we deem too unclear to bare. We dance on the edge of the coin, playing hide and seek with morality. But artists have a way of blurring the lines and turning that coin into an amalgamated mess where deception and candour mate and give us their lovechild: creativity. They tell us their truth, their visions, and their secrets, and leave us guessing at how much of it is their own and how much borrowed from the world around them.

Never has this realization been more evident to me than when I took a stroll through the secrets that you shared with us this month. Each story I read showed me a little bit of its author’s secret garden—that wonderful place where they can be completely themselves, where they go to rejuvenate and recharge, readying themselves to face the mundane again.

Each word, each picture is a window into a secret world we are shown, the story a personal key that the authors give their readers…each reader having their own unique key. Because the secret stories that we perceive are not the same for each of us.

So tell me, what secrets are you going to unlock today?

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Richa Mehta

Richa Mehta is a writer-editor and enjoys treading the tricky path between the two. She has several years of writing and editing experience, supplemented by a master's degree in publishing from the University of Sydney. She is also a compulsive reader and a self-appointed grammar custodian.

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