Writing Is a Source To Breathe: Riitik Babbar

The 27-year-old Riitik Babbar is a passionate writer apart from being a soccer freak. A resident of New Delhi, Riitik currently works for an ITS KPO in the Market and Research industry. He is a self motivator and a firm believer in God. He also believes that there is no pain that cannot be diminished by a simple but a heartfelt smile and that true love does really exist! Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns is the first step on his journey to be a writer.

Ananya Dhawan: This is your first novel – can you tell us a little about how you got published.
Riitik Babbar: Well, the inception of Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns was quite spontaneous, but certainly fated. So, once I completed it in flat 16 days, other steps like looking for the right publisher, editing and so on fell into place. It was like a dream come true.

AD: To what extent is Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns based on true life events?
RB: To be candid here, Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns got written more out of my own experience of life. We all come across certain events which not only leave an imprint on our minds but introduce us to the starker side of our lives too. I encountered mine and thought of framing them into words. After all, who knows that someone might take my case as an inspiration to love and live.

AD: What does ‘writing’ mean to you?
RB: A source to breathe.

AD: Has writing always been a part of your life?
RB: Writing has been one of my passions, but taking it on a professional level wasn’t on my “to-do list”. But yeah, now when I feel it has accepted me, I would love to be its devotee for life.

AD: Tell us about the place, as in the physical location, a comfy couch in a secluded room, a corner table in a café – where you spent most of the time writing this book.
RB: Whenever we think about any sad love story, we often imagine the writer being secluded in the mode of “Mai Aur Meri Tanhai Aksar Ye Baatein Karte Hai”, which is apparently TRUE, but at the same time when you have moments framed in your mind already you don’t need any isolated corner. You start going back to the time, and things start flashing. This is what happened in my case too. I actually finished it being on the comfortable couch of my “not so secluded” drawing room.

 I completed [Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns] in flat 16 days, other steps like looking for the right publisher, editing and so on fell into place. It was like a dream come true. 

AD: As Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns is somewhat a love story, what is your personal definition of love?
RB: Fettering love with a few words is unimaginable for me. You feel it in every second, in every breath, every step, if you have it in your heart. It’s something which gets its true meaning when even your soul surrenders itself to be a part of someone else’s entity.

AD: How did you decide on the title?
RB: I didn’t have to think much over the title. When I started travelling back to those same lanes of my memories, this very combination of oxymoronic words came up to put forward the essence of my experience.

AD: Who designed the cover?
RB: Amol Karambe.

AD: Was there any one particular person in your childhood who stood by you always and built your strength.
RB: Oh yes! My Mom! People often say that there is always a lady behind a man’s success. That lady for me is my Mom!

AD: Words of wisdom for unpublished writers.
RB: Keep Writing, but Direct Dil Se!

Jaldi 5

1. Describe yourself in one word.

2. If you are granted one wish, what would it be?
To be on the Cover of Forbes World’s Most Powerful People!

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Manhattan – New York, USA

4. Who is the most stylish person you have ever met?
Enrique Iglesias

5. One favourite memory.
When I held my maiden book, Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns, for the first time.

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