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  • blood_spatter_by_zeds_stock

    Wounds by Shahrukh Jamal

    He fiddled with the knife stained with the dense drops of blood and looked at it distressingly as the…

  • inspiration-illustration

    Routes of Escape by Mukta Singh-Zocchi

    Peering behind the toilet bowl he found Tara’s stash. The granola-bar she had feigned disinterest in was broken in…

  • prompt_nov

    Theme for November 2014

    Deadline: 15th October 2014

  • 4

    Editorial Note – Vol.02 Issue.10

    I believe that nothing makes a story more unique than the perspective the reader brings to it.

  • On Some Days by Rohit Pandey

    On Some Days by Rohit Pandey

    Poem by: Rohit Pandey
    Voice Over: Surbhi Manit Datta
    Music: Side A – Side B Productions By Vikas Miglani

  • rind3

    Selat Rorrim by Diwakar Ralph

    It was the kind of love that folks from the real world could not even contemplate; a transcendental emotion…