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    I Bleed. Deal with it by Radhika Singhal

    Periods. Menstruation. Menses. Why can’t we talk about it? SShhh. Secret. Hidden.

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    The Aandhi-Mausam of Longing – by Shailja Chandra

    A reluctant afternoon of 1991, one major design assignment, hostel room and the much-loved cassette of Aandhi-Mausam unspooling bygone…

  • Infinity-Time

    Mom Monologues by Neelima Vinod

    The sound of the baby’s voice was sweeter than any song you have heard. Remember when your headphones were…

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    Unravelling Time by Richa Mehta

    The passage of time, and the way we mark it, is what sets apart humans from all other life…

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    Editorial Note – Vol.02 Issue.10

    I believe that nothing makes a story more unique than the perspective the reader brings to it.

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    Editorial Note – Vol.02 Issue.09

    A miserable collection of little secrets, that’s all any of us is.