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  • Radhika_Singhal-happy-to-bleed-campaigners-min

    I Bleed. Deal with it by Radhika Singhal

    Periods. Menstruation. Menses. Why can’t we talk about it? SShhh. Secret. Hidden.

  • 81DvXDdI25L

    Destiny of Shattered Dreams

    The build-up of characters, in a perfect chronological order, is commendable.

  • delna
  • neveragainbook

    Never Again by Shreyan Laha

    The story revolves around a charcoal smeared diary that is won in auction by an inquisitive librarian. What follows…

  • blood_spatter_by_zeds_stock

    Wounds by Shahrukh Jamal

    He fiddled with the knife stained with the dense drops of blood and looked at it distressingly as the…

  • carlos

    Rays and Ripples

    The book is a collection of short poems and stories, which give a chance to the readers to introspect…

  • thegulzaarsahab_1

    The Aandhi-Mausam of Longing – by Shailja Chandra

    A reluctant afternoon of 1991, one major design assignment, hostel room and the much-loved cassette of Aandhi-Mausam unspooling bygone…

  • inspiration-illustration

    Routes of Escape by Mukta Singh-Zocchi

    Peering behind the toilet bowl he found Tara’s stash. The granola-bar she had feigned disinterest in was broken in…

  • _the_unexpected__by_narcissagrey-d6c4stc
  • Lust definitivo

    Lust by Sowmya Ramkumar

    Sushma would have never indulged in such an act. Not in a Lifetime. Alas, lust spared none. Here she…