Submission Workshop

Submission Workshop


As part of the workshop, we'll help you make changes in the submission - grammatical, conceptual and stylistic - to make it better matched to the publishing standards and principles currently followed.

Within two days, we will send you a copy of your edited submission, with track changes enabled, to give you a clear idea of the changes we suggest. Once you read it carefully, we can arrange a Skype hangout with you, to discuss any questions you may have about the suggested changes. You can decline the changes you disagree with, without a problem.

After the hangout, you would be required to submit the final draft of the submission again, which will then be reviewed by our editorial team for a final time, before it is selected for publication.

Where does writing begin? Staring at the blank page can be daunting. How do we keep the pen moving across the page? We’ll look at ways to silence the inner-critic and write through the scary part. We begin with ourselves: emotions, memories, experience. How can we feed this into our fiction writing?

Added to this you will get to

  • Examine plot as a significant element of fiction.
  • Distinguish plot from narrative to gain a firm understanding of a plot’s function within a story.
  • Identify plot’s supplemental elements—conflict, climax, and resolution—and use each in stories of their own.
  • Heighten comprehension by studying plot patterns.
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