Editorial Mentor

Editorial Mentor


You write… and yet you’re not writing. Don’t worry, writer’s block happens to us all, it’s unavoidable. Writer’s block happens when a writer is not motivationally aligned with the story, or subject, they intend to write.

Would you like to:

  • Gain fresh insight into why you’re not writing?
  • Get to know (and maybe even love) your inner critic?
  • Develop personalized, effective strategies for writing through and out of your block?

For a fraction of the cost of intensive seminars and retreats, or generic “write-by-numbers” solutions, we will work one-to-one with you to help:

  • Identify the motivational disconnects that are keeping you from the page
  • Develop a route map through your current block
  • Turn your writing into a powerful magnet that you just can’t resist

It’s writer’s block, not writing blockand our focus is on you as a writer. We are a commitment to get you out of the way of your own writing.

So, before you spend your pocket dry on alternatives, why not see how we can help you?

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Writing seminars and retreats, while often valuable, can run into thousands of dollars. We offer this service for Rs 2,499 – there are no hidden fees or add-on sales; you don’t need to buy a book, or commit to a program of work beyond the assessment. It’s Rs 2,499 all-in. And, if you feel at the end of working with us that you have not gained a single insight to your writer’s block, we’ll refund your money.

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