eFiction India Vol.02 Issue.05

eFiction India Vol.02 Issue.05


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From the Editor's Desk

Short Stories

A Memoir by Namitha Varma
The Red Ants by Gargi Mehra
A Factful Fairytale by Suvojit Banerjee
Living the Moment by Pratheep Nair
The Shadow by Shaily Bhargava
The Blind’s Blind by Aditya Subramanian

The Full Moon That Shone on My Birthday by Surbhi Thukral
How to Be a Lunatic by Sthitapragya Ray
Vignettes of Full Moon by Smita Sriwastav

Art Gallery
Pump House by Dave Petraglia
The Subconscious by Kritika Anand
Untrapped by Anjumon Sahin

Interviews & Reviews by Deepti Razdan
Akhu Chingangbam
From the band Imphal Talkies
Sagarika Deb

Film Review
Kamera, A Short Film by Nijo Jonson
Book Review
Sans Destination, A Play by Nikhil Sharda

eFiction India is an international literary magazine with premium design featuring some of the best writers and is completely ad-free. Our readers have only one common denominator: they are sensitive and are looking for something more than what mainstream publishing can provide them.

Save more with our 6 month subscription @ Rs 99/Issue

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