Sebastian Nabel

Date: Oct 30, 2013 Category: View Project

Let me tell you first hand, this is hard.  It’s hard to be constantly creative, to never have an “off day” (or to admit it when you do), and it’s hard to make time and space in each day for the messiness of paint.

am an artist and designer Inspired by days spent on the road, traveling around the world; l think I’ll be exploring the world with my brushes for the rest of my days.

Sebastian Nabel is a German artist. He used different mediums like watercolor, oil, acrylic, blood etc. for different painting series. His art was seen at the ARTLOUT magazine blog and at an exhibition in 2009 at Dresden. He started painting in 2006 with his first concept paintingseries soulstrip. After some years and many paintings he created his strongest concept called Headshot. It is based on mythology combined with modern day life. All of this paintings are made with black and white oil and blood. On December 1 he is going to release one of his new paintings called “STARS, MYTHOLOGY, A CUTE BUNNY AND A TRAGIC ENDING“. A strong title for such a beautiful painting. This painting is just one part of a big story, a story about monsters, heroes etc.

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