eFiction India Vol.02 Issue.02

From the Editor's Desk

eFiction India welcomes you and thanks you for your readership. We, here at eFiction India, ask your help, if you visit our site regularly, please follow us either via Twitter or Facebook.  One of our goals is to publish fiction with a still-beating heart, fresh from the minds of our authors. While the ink is still drying, stories are pitted against each other in gladiatorial combat for the chance to reach your adoring eyeballs. Only the best stories make it into the issue.

I envision that this magazines will become not only entertaining places to find short stories from our subcontinent, but also resources to find book reviews, articles about the latest goings-on in the literary circuit here, and interviews with authors about their respective genre. In my dream, the magazine would be the biggest literary magazine from India. I want our subscribers to be able to peruse each issue and find stories they love, meet authors they want to read, and also be informed about what books are coming out in the near future or who won which award. I want the magazine to be dialed in to the heartbeat of the people. I know we can grow the magazines to that point, especially with your help.

We know that you’ll enjoy reading literary pieces of your friends and others would read yours each month. Plus, you might find a new author you love. Please help us and spread the word to your bookish friends. I’m sure they’d be happy you let them know!

Here is to a lifetime filled with reading and writing.