Who needs a Writing Coach?

You do. If you have a story to tell or if you think you have a treasure trove of ideas and experiences that others might benefit from.


You could be a teacher or a counselor who might want to pen your experiences about educating children or you might have insights about parenting – something new you tried and something that worked. Or you could be a doctor who wants to write a self-help book.


You might have a great story idea but you don’t entirely know how to take it forward. You stumble with words, you miss self-set writing deadlines, you don’t what’s going to happen next, your characters are mouthing inane dialogues…You’re struggling. But, you want to persist.

Whichever genre you are writing in, you might have the ideas and the experience and you may be entirely serious about your writing. But, you realize that you do not have the time or you are unable to articulate your ideas on paper.  You, my friend, need a mento

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