What is eFiction India’s rating? Are there guidelines with regards to violence, sexuality, language, etc.?

To put it simply, I’d like the pieces in eFiction India to adhere to a mild R rating. Sexuality, violence and unsavory language are acceptable, as they represent significant aspects of the drama that constitute this human experience of ours — which, of course, the magazine exists to showcase. But I ask that contributors avoid the explicit and the gratuitous. We believe the aforementioned aspects of our humanity can be expressed effectively without diving into such detail that an NC-17 rating could be applied.

While erotica has its rightful place in writing, eFiction India is not that place. We don’t want contributors to feel their work has been watered down in a wash of Puritanical censorship, but we also don’t want eFiction India to stare defiantly in the face of its readers, daring them to take offence.

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