What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Writing Mentor?

A book mentor not only asks the questions (as above) but is committed towards taking your work to a logical conclusion and helps you achieve the (realistic) vision goal that you have set for yourself.

A writing coach will apart from other things:

  • Understand what works for you in terms of the writing process itself
  • Understand your vision for the work undertaken. By vision, I mean, what is that you as a writer see the work become – the end product: A lyrical prose poem? A chic-lit fun caper of sorts?  A business book that de-mystifies FEMA guidelines for the layman? A chilling who-dunnit-detective novel that is going to become the next big movie?
  • Help you arrive at a realistic and sustainable vision
  • Diagnose writing problems such as the famed writer’s block or the no-time-to-write issues
  • Brainstorm with you and aid both imaginative thinking as well as self-analysis.
  • Will help you understand what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be done to align it to your vision
  • Help you address weaknesses in the writing craft and help you overcome those weaknesses by giving you craft exercises to work on
  • Help you strengthen your own writing skills
  • Help you develop structure to your writing (chapterizations, use of index cards, back-stories etc)
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