Book Review: When Love Happens By Manish Kumar


The book indeed claims of being romantic but it provides the story surrounding the cobwebs of romance. The protagonist Nish who falls for the beautiful G is not only stucked when it comes to love but has also to go through the labyrinth of this senseless society alongwith other responsibilities as we go along in life. It takes us into a roller-coaster ride of the life of Nish who finds himself enlightened once he sets for something which has still been debatable among the scholars.


The book not only provides us a beautiful tale of romance but also acts as an eye-opener for who consider it a cakewalk. As Nish have to go through the whole tantrums of life which we are bound to get as a complementary package, this book acts as a self-help guide for us which can keep us intact when we fill ourselves in the midway of life.

What Makes It Unique

The presence of beautiful poetries in the book makes it different from other seasoned romance books. The use of other language in its parent language creates a mass appeal. The naming of the character in a single letter reminds us of the Russian literature stalwarts.

What Makes It Must Read

The flow of the story alongwith the crispness of the content makes it quite appealing. The depiction of each and every scene with utter honesty touches the heart of the readers. The use of simple language makes it quite easy to satiate and devour in a single time makes it my personal favourite.

Book: When Love Happens…

Author: Manish Kumar

Publisher: Shristi Publishers

Price: ₹ 175

Rating: 8.5/10

About the Author

A voracious reader, keen observer, feminist culminated together defines Nitish Raj. Based in New Delhi he basically belongs from Bihar. He remained quite a bright student throughout his academic career before dropping his MBA in order to satiate his hunger for writing. Not only he is passionate about writing fiction but also loves to write opinion-editorials and non-fiction articles on social issues related to women empowerment, gender equality, caste system and social transformation. Alongwith contributing regularly for one of the prominent digital media firm; The Policy Times he is going to launch his first novel “I Had Also Loved Someone” in February 2018. A firm believer in the serenity of the solemn virtue, he is keen about writing the dark truth of the society which have been sidelined in our quest of happy endings.

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