The Fuhrer and the Holohoax by Penny Dias

Hard work helped him climb the ladder of success

Touched lives of the many and to their heart he had access

He wanted the welfare of his people and clear the abscess

For him the country was more important than dynasty stress


This great man wanted nothing more than unity of his lost country

Uplifted the economic condition of his fatherland to milk and honey

Under his leadership his people prospered rightfully and humbly

He retaliated by driving the chewing pests from his land bluntly


His nation went on to become the most powerful of its time

Great ideas and speeches united sons of its soil to its prime

The discontent attention seeking vermin ignited their plot of crime

They only thought of funding wars and all other such dirt and slime


Europe and her altruistic leader were both destroyed by the allies

These victors only raped, killed and made him sound evil with lies

The parasites falsely testified, the fatherland was divided, so unwise

He was responsible for 50 million deaths they claimed and baptized


Were the concentration camps really a place of annihilation and execution?

Fumigation became the Allies preconceived notion of the ultimate solution

This statuesque lead to the headline of 6 million Jews killed evolution

Till date this fake news is harped about and there is just no absolution


6 million Jews massacred was headlines soon after WW1 but short lived

After WW2 it held tight grip, fattened with lies and thrived

Reparation was claimed by a larger number of Jews then post war that strived

The victors solidified degrading stories; a once great country was deprived


No murders in camps, no evidence ever found of people being gassed

Typhus and starvation at the fag end of the war that corpses amassed

Thanks to the Allies for destroying roads, food supplies had to be repressed

No chubby corpse ever seen in images that propagated gassing in the past


The fuhrer knew very well what was best for his country and its people

Stabilized a strong economy unlike that of the West that was feeble

He criticized the other continent’s freemasonic and demonic legal

He wanted peace in Europe and denounced the Allies evil


The truth can never be hidden for long although this one was

Pedophilic monarchs, mass murdering of civilians and such flaws

Atomic bombs, nuclear weapons, super powers interference must be stopped

Too much damage and destruction they have already caused


Condemned and blamed since is this terrific statesman and the Nazi

All this while the pinnacle of his leadership has been made patsy

Why is this happening? Bold people and the internet have given clarity

Germany was strong and didn’t need the US & UK for their charity


The Fuhrer, Hitler was a remarkable man who had mighty power

Only his people mattered to him, unlike the Allies who turned things sour

Dissimilar to other leaders, he had no riches stacked up in his tower

Today his people know him not and can’t express anything at this hour


Hail Hitler, for love of his people and nation, he will go down in history

Propaganda of falsely accusing him of evil is no longer a mystery

Today we understand and know of all the bought talks and the perjury

Wrongly charged for doing no harm, Sieg Heil Hitler, you are victory

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