A Review of Betwixt Twists and Turns by Enakshi Johri

Life is a rollercoaster ride with many crests and toughs, but what is feasible is forming opinions based on the observations. The anthology by Patridge PublicationsBetwixt Twists and Turns’ presents several short stories compiled in one book, which not only direct our thought process, but also make us realize the importance of smaller things in life. It is a general tradition to ignore what we have and keep wanting more. But we should not forget that it is the trivial memories that make our world happy.

With different plots and different characters, the author tries to send across happy vibes by teaching life essentials. Lucid narration and different flavor keep the reader going. All stories are unrelated, yet showcase the exemplary observation and narrations skills of the author. A lot of research has been done to pen down such minute details that touch the heart.

Penguin and Partridge have their names speak for their work. And yes this happened when I had a first look at the book. The title, though raw, yields to the expectations of the readers. The real pleasure lies in reading each story that is not only fast paced but also gripping. The overall concept of the book is nice. But the cover did not appeal to me much. Probably, more colour and a clearer image could have been better.

With exemplary vocabulary and fitted use of twists and turns in the tales, the author has left an indelible impact on my mind. I could not help but mark the nice phrases and new words. Some of my favourite stories are: In my mind’s eye, Lullaby, Spanner in the works and The message trail.

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