The Monk who didn’t consider selling…by Penny Dias

“Forgive and forget” is easier said than done
“Let bygones be bygones”, can you condone?
It’s not as uncomplicated as it sounds
In reality every step arising from such events hound

No time for family, no time for celebrations
No time to even introspect one’s calibrations
Why throw the blame on another’s shoulder
We all have 24 hours a day, stop being an imposter

Considering a spiritual trip to the isolated Himalayas..?
Carry intensive skin moisturizers and say your prayers
The frozen climate is no stranger to frost bites
Be careful of your robe, it might fly like a kite

Don’t be someone else but your own self
For we have just one life unlike any elf
Love and serenity are easily achievable
Trust yourself and make your decisions stable

Make sure your motive doesn’t hurt the other
Man can’t live in isolation, now that’s a bother
After all your actions whether right or wrong
Ask God for forgivness and be strong

About the Author

Penny is the youngest and only daughter of three children. Born and bred in Kuwait, she came to India for further studies. Working as a manpower consultant since 5 years. Loves animals and mother’s a beautiful Rottweiler. Likes cooking and of course eating.

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