Happy To Be Born Again by Nita Bajoria

As she popped out, she was happy. Less warm but warm was nonetheless. The nurse clipped the umbilical cord, severing the nine month long tie. She felt a bit uneasy. But isn’t that the way he prepares us? Isn’t that our first lesson in life – to move up we might have to move out.

She was happy. Back again in this wonderful land of blues, reds and yellows, the white snow, the green plants, the conical hills, the ever flowing rivers, the dark clouds, the blue skies; all standing mute and waiting for us to listen to their experiences of life and grow rich.

But she will have to hurry. Within a few moments she would forget everything her masters had told her after her death. She must take herself through the episodes and milestones of her past life. She wanted to imbibe the synopsis so that she doesn’t goof up this time.

She gave out a big cry to pump up her lungs with fresh air. She wanted to smile the moment she was placed in her mother’s lap. She couldn’t. Only crying came naturally to her. But she was happy. There were so many things to be done. So many things had to be corrected. But the best part was that she will once again meet many of her dear ones from her last life. Some must have already arrived and many others on their way. Hopefully she will be able to identify them. They would be donning new appearances but the soul would be the same. And for that, she will have to recall with her inner eye. She will have to be very careful. She must keep herself attached to her inner soul.

The Masters have told her that she would become aware of her dear ones in vicinity through a special feeling as if they have met before. Exactly the way she felt few minutes back, when the nurse helped her out possibly guiding her for one last time as she transitioned to the new life. Will she have few of her mates in her new family, she wondered. Or would they be new soul member from her eternal family? Whatever it be she decided she would be more careful with relationships this time. While she was on her death bed she had appreciated the importance of relationships. This time she will try to create a loving family, where no one will need a reason to laugh, where each one would be oblivious of other’s emotions without being told, where doors and windows will only be on walls and hearts will always be open.

She remembered the wrinkles on her face and felt good that she would be young once again. She remembered how she loved eating berries. But she must avoid eating too much this time. She loved the smell of wet mud and nail paints. She loved the sound of sea waves and typewriters. Words always attracted her. Letter writing was her favourite pastime. But she travelled very less. This time she will make sure she will explore the beautiful earth much more. She would traverse the yellow sands, green woods, hill tops and the wide seas. But for all this she won’t look for a man to depend on. She had learnt her lesson well last time. She will be independent and strong.

 They would be donning new appearances but the soul would be the same. And for that, she will have to recall with her inner eye. She will have to be very careful. She must keep herself attached to her inner soul. 

The year she died, a French girl had come to stay in her neighbour. Her language had appealed her a lot. She will try to learn it this time for sure. The French girl reminded her of a vow too. The girl was an orphan and very lonely. She was too old and dependent on others to adopt her at that age. But she had vowed that if she is born again she would at least adopt one child. She must keep her vow this time.

But how will she look like? This question bothered her a lot. She was happy with the look she had inherited from her parents. But she hated her straight hairs. She wanted the curly ones like Marilyn Monroe. She wouldn’t mind if she got some of her features too. She had secretly shared this wish with her soul sisters. But what if she had forgotten to convey it to her Masters? She tried asking the nurse. But all she could manage was a shrill cry. She gave up in vain and decided to wait.

Suddenly, she heard another cry like hers. Somehow, she felt that it was her soul mate. Their Masters had told her that he would also be born at the same place just a few minutes later. She wriggled in the nurses arms to get a glimpse of him. If not now then she will have to wait for long. After few moments they will forget everything till destiny brings them face to face again. She gave out another cry in an attempt to make him recognise her. He returned her cry. She felt exhilarated and at peace. A blissful smile floated on her face. The nurses smiled back and said she must be talking to the mother fairy.

Exhausted with the landing she fell asleep. The Masters came in her dreams to bid her good bye. Blessing her they told that she was born to a very loving couple and her new journey was about to begin. They said she will forget all, so that she is able to move ahead without any inhibitions created through her experiences. She held their hands in deep reverence and thanked them once again.

She was happy to be born again.

About the Author

Nita Bajoria

Apart from eFiction India, Nita's short stories has been published in Women's Era and Reading Hour. She is a mother of an adorable eight year old daughter and gets her inspirations from the enchanting world around her. Writing is her daily food and she experiences hunger pangs on the days she is unable to write.

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