Go Clown

Not everything can be blamed on the society because society is ‘us’. It is all in the mind. The way we perceive things and react to them decides our behavior. But then is it really possible to adjust with people who have already formed an opinion of their own? In such situations, how can we put forward our thoughts and concerns? The author- Shatrugna Vadwlas, believes that sarcasm is a way out. But does everyone take/ accept sarcasm constructively?

‘Go Clown’- a light read with proper amalgamation of sarcasm, humour and irony, is one such book that is different from what it seems. The title might make it seem comical, but the content is realistic and deep. Where the books that preach about leading a meaningful life are not preferred by majority of readers, ‘Go clown’ is an exclusive read. Although the introduction might be dreary as linking the lose threads might not seem feasible, the latter part of the book builds the interest and promises to blow away the cobwebs.

Kiriti, the protagonist, is an Indian student who likes to live his life on his own terms. But how should he deal with people who cross his path? Luckily, he has a way of his own and that is where the role of the ‘Clown’ comes in. He finds solace in being the clown who mocks the irrelevant and hypocritical societal norms like caste, creed and the role of media and its influence on the public.

The plot has been woven finely and exposes the readers to frequent bouts of laughter and absolute sarcasm. The narration is fluent and the monologues sound interesting. The minor mistakes in the book are over shadowed by its witty dialogues. However, I found that some of the chapters were stretched unnecessarily. How I wish the blurb said more than it what it is! Probably the overall impact of the book would have been better then.

This book is definitely a good read for the ones who like satire and humour.


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Enakshi Johri

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