‘Tamanna’ by Tejeshwar Singh

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Tejeshwar Singh is a multitalented person, who runs a software consultancy firm in the heart throb of the country- Delhi. A little late in acknowledging his yearning for creative writing, he confidently pursues his passion now. He has had a keen interest in the mysteries and the truths about relationships and the human emotions associated with them. ‘Tamanna’ is his attempt to portray what lay in his sub conscious mind. It is not just a book but an emotional journey of a man who fell in love twice!

‘Tamanna’ is the second book by Tejezhwar Singh, the first being ‘I’ve had enough…God’, which was published by Rupa in 2009.


“Tamanna” revolves around Arjun, a Delhite and a non- believer of mushy love tales, and Tamanna, a rare and wonderful woman, who drives Arjun crazy. This story is definitely not a teenage love tale. Instead, it has a lot more to it. What happens when you put both your legs in different boats and try to pedal? Same is the plight of Arjun, who unintentionally falls in love with Tamanna, still aware of the fact that he has a wife. Somewhere in his sub conscious mind Arjun knew that he was falling from grace, but he could not resist the magnetic force with which he was being drawn towards Tamanna. The fact that Sangini (Arjun’s wife) also built a strong rapport with tamanna, prod Arjun into pursuing his love interest. But this love was different and very subtle. What is it like to delve into something which you know is wrong? How difficult it is to resist the temptation of love?

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My opinion

“When a man is in love he endures more than at other times, he submits to everything” –Friedrich Nietzsche

When cupid strikes, the power to resist weakens. When Arjun meets Tamanna, he falls head over heels in love with her. He decides to put out feelers to Babbu. With ‘Tamanna’, the author has perfectly drawn a silver line between immature love and mature love. He has successfully depicted the emotion of guilt and pleasure, simultaneously. The characters of Arjun, Sangini and Tamanna have been given due weightage and they portend.

The title of the book is appealing and the cover is catchy. Special appreciation for the teary eyes on the cover page, that are not only rare but depict the emotional turmoil, a male can go through. The blurb is apt. The readers are forced to turn the pages of the book to explore the profound emotion and expression. The font size, style, indentation, header-footer are all fine.

The story is fast paced and interesting. The initial few pages are stretched a bit. But gradually the readers can keep up with the flow of the story. One thing that can deter the readers from completing this book, is the lack of action in it. The central theme of varied emotions might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Today, where everyone is looking for something exciting and thrilling to read, this plot might just end up being the cake not worth the candle. The only twist in the story is when the protagonist comes face-to-face with Tamanna’s husband. The climax is compelling. The way Sangini comes to grips with her problem is commendable. I would like to compliment the author’s ability to think beyond the horizon and come up with a different plot altogether.

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About the Author

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