Organic Lifestyle in International Billionaires’ La Belle Exotica Club founded by Kristna Saikia

International Billionaires’ La Belle Exotica Club is practicing, inspiring and motivating Organic lifestyle. It’s meditative itself as our body and soul is a Temple needing healthy nourishment.

Here organic product, which may include food, various herbs, which are good for our wellness will be given importance for health & beauty care. Kristna, for many years, has been exposed to organic products, including herbs in her food and for self-beautification. After having been fully convinced she is now inspiring people to use it.

The organically produced food served by the club will taste as good as any other but would maintain nutrition sustainability. The aroma emanating from organic herbs have healing effects. Peppermint and Chamomiles serves as excellent tea to calm you, gives relaxation and facilitates peaceful slumber. Consuming and using more organic products promotes less toxic environment and so it has to be celebrated.

As it does not involve pesticides nor chemicals, organic Food, herbs and products used for Detox, beauty and Spa treatments during the various wellness retreats which the club provides will give members of the club health benefits as well as keep them fresh. Kristna says passionately, ‘‘they can also learn lot more by which they can use them in day to day life through our professional experts and Chef. As the Club provides retreats in Exotic places of the World in Nature, it will be fun for our guest to enjoy the Organic Lifestyle during their stay and experience Love, care, pampering with health wellness of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.”

In one of our Romantic Getaway Retreat, couples can enjoy cooking Organic meals together in the Nature, which can bring them come closer. They can enjoy massage therapies, pedicure, beauty treatments with all Organic herbs together in their private space. Its stress-free, innovative and a creative way to explore and share constructive habits among other things to steam up your passion. Sexual life is healthier when you keep your body well nourished from within and the best way to keep it attractive for long run is living the Organic way.

Studies have also showed that effects of antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C derived from organic food has more impact on health from organic food. Kristna is passionately promoting and has been great fan of Organic products and cosmetics as Organic Lifestyle makes one looks Younger, keeps the inner and outer body looking good and provides quality to a long lasting life. Choosing Organic Food can lead to intake of nutritionally desirable antioxidants, which leads to lesser exposure to heavy metals. It helps you lose weight, prevent disease, keeps your heart strong and keeps the skin firm.


Organic Poultry, Organic fish, meat, milk is not exposed to miserable chemicals and so it tastes better.

The food, products and services provided in International Billionaires’ La Belle Exotica Club takes over all care of health of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. The way you feel within, you will radiate that same energy, outside.

The joy and blissful when you feel within, and then you can share same outside. Kristna adds, ”Mother Earth is so generous and compassionate, so its our responsibility to preserve the general environment of greenery and keep it raw , organic way instead of polluting the environment with artificial chemicals and fertilizers. Even animals gets tortured with all the chemicals, antibiotics in infused into them. Pesticides are not good for our body and its poisonous. I have found food cooked in clay utensils, Water kept in Clay filters tastier and satisfying with natural aroma. ”

Since her childhood, Kristna has been using Organic products to take care of her skin and hair. She is a fan of Hibiscus flowers and leaves to keep her hair silky and black. It prevents from hair fall and grey hair. Besides she loves to apply Honey, Aloe Vera, Olive and Jojoba oil regularly on her skin.

Meditation, breathing techniques, Exercises and Living Organic Lifestyle has kept her beautiful and so she wants through her International Billionaires La Belle Exotica Club, the Members and Clients should experience and promote it too for better quality Life. You will fall in love with self more as you put healthy vitamins and lots of other good chemistry into your body. Our Body is the Altar. The more you take care, the more it will take care of you. When you feel good, your soul feels good too which is using our body as a medium for it own evolution and growth.

Our Ancestors have been using Organic products and by experience and experts, we know which is safest for the over all health. It helps your body make new cells remaining hydrated. That keeps the body healthier.

The choices we make do effect the environment around us, So Kristna has made her choices to inspire, promote Organic Lifestyle. Due to many reasons, we forget to live with natural ways of life and its time to rediscover it. Its time for us to depend on self. It’s time to make healthier relationship with self.


‘Every morning when I wake up, I look into the mirror and I say I am beautiful.’- Kristna says excitedly and Welcomes Clients from all over the World to be the Member of International Billionaires La Belle Exotica Club which takes you to the safest and secured space within yourself as well as explore the exotic places of the world with Wellness, Holistic, Beauty and Romantic Retreats. It has more interesting and surprising activities to offer from Events, Seminars, Opera ,Full Moon Night Party with Luxury, Style, Glamour, Elegance with Warmth of Love and Passion. You can buy all high end Luxury Products like Private Jets, Yachts, Luxury Real Estate, Nude Art Portraits of Kristna, Fashionable and designer Clothes, shoes, bags and Lingerie which will bear Kristna’s name as a Brand.

But most importantly, stay healthy….let us celebrate Life, the Organic way.

La Belle means the most beautiful which the

International Billionaires La belle Exotica club also depicts. “Beauty within and outside: – Kristna says with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

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