Chota Hassan ka Bhaijaan by Delna Anna Abraham

“Bhaijaan came back home early today because Amma said she will be late. That nice Madamji whom she works for is hosting a party and that’s great news because it means that Madamji will give Amma the leftover sweets so that she can bring it back home.

Bhaijaan just got out of the toilet, with little water droplets still clinging to his bare chest.

Today is a good day because soon, Bhaijaan will also give me sweets just like he always does when I let him hold me in bed… It hurts when he pushes into my behind, but he never means to. He loves me…

He’s just too strong”.

About the Author

Delna Abraham

Delna Anna Abraham is from Kottayam, Kerala. She is an avid reader, adventure sports enthusiast and an amateur poet. An optimist by nature, she finds happiness in little things like good music, great company and big bars of chocolate. Kazuo Ishiguro delights her in ways she can’t express. Her only wish is that all the covers of her favourite books, Mr Ishiguro’s included, should come in shades of apple green.

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