International Billionaires La’Belle Exotica Club Founded by Kristna Saikia


Kristna Saikia has founded International Billionaires La’Belle Exotica Club which is part of her company Bill Fortune to give a Unique experience of relaxation with recreational activities,Spirituality& Wellness,Beauty, Anti-Aging, Various Exotic Spa therapies, Seminars as well as Entertainment through Events, Casinos, Golf, Polo, Music, Martial Art, Surfing, Adventures Sports and more in the closet to surprise in various Exotic Locations, Private Islands, Resorts and Villas in the World for Ultra High Net Worth People and to the Royals around the World. Kristna personally designs the packages for the Luxury Retreats but it will be tailor made with the Members additional needs to suit the best. The New Clients can experience a single retreat initialy for the first time. Later they can take the membership of 1 year and enjoy the previledges. Special attention will be given to every member by Kristna herself, guiding and conducting the retreat with her expert team .

Bill Fortune company is located in Mumbai, India but the Products are for Worldwide clients. The whole idea of the club is to take the members from their personal  present decorum to a space where they can be in private to rejuvenate themselves with Unique Experiences and detox themselves .
Kristna believes 15 mins of Meditation & Silence everyday will give you not only relaxation but extra energy & creative power as well as the Force to be much better as you keep moving ahead in a relax state in the process of Life. With play and entertainment we help you connect with your inner child. This will help you to come back more creatively and its good for age regression too .
Some of the Experiences which the nternational Billionaires Lifestyle Club  will provide includes  :
  • Understanding of self in Nude and being Transcendental  Retreats (Attune yourself  with Nudism and be a Naturist in Holistic way to connect with your Cosmic Body in a exotic Private Island in your privacy.)
  • Meditation on full moon  night  once every month in Private islands in different parts of the world followed by Dance ,Music Wine and Dine.
  • Corporate Recreational Retreats are very interesting as this is a great escape to free yourself to  experience a retreat which will be tailor made in many aspect to a pleasant location and a incredible space where you can relax ,enjoy adventures sports,Casinos and may be come out with a  new creative business decision or ideas during the retreat with your partners or colleages in a  new decorum. Beauty,Spa & Anti-aging Retreats in Organic Way .
  • You can consult and beautify yourself with the  best Dermotologist Doctors .
  • Couples Retreats are for the ones who has found his/her new  dates and wants to explore more about each other with various exceptional activities, individual hobbies and new experiences.
This retreat can also be for married or unmarried couples to bring back their flame in Honey Moon Destinations .

Retreats and events in Luxury Yachts and Cruises. In-Flight Holistic Package for deeper Relaxation. Luxurious Private Jet/Charter Owners can contact for this experience. It depends on Kristna’s availability and hence optional. It includes In-flight Meditation, Reiki Healing sessions, Progressive relaxation with Hypnosis, Gentle and graceful exercises to open the energy Channels within, Tarot & Angel Card Reading to UHNW Ultra Elite Travelers personally guided by Kristna in Person during your flying hrs worldwide. It is as Unique experience as its first of its kind in the World of Aviation only targeted to Private Jets/Charters, initiated by Kristna.

Events with International Celebrities.
Art & Music
Fashion Shows .
Burlesque Shows
Magic Shows .
Poetry and Plays
Parties and more.

All High end LUXURY Lifestyle products – Latest Fashion trends – Clothes, Bags, Jewelleries, Shoes (Designer wears), Luxury Private Jets/Charters, Real-estate, Cars, Art Work etc.

The Members of the club will be invited to be part of it twice a year. The whole vision of the Seminar will be motivational as well as how one can contribute individually to make the Club better by their opinion, depending on the experiences they have. What transformation they gained and what more can be improvised. The peace and serenity starts from within. When the inner environment is in tranquility, then one can easily spread the same easily outside.

The Club is coming up with their own e-magazine CLASSY BY NATURE .
Its a great International Net Working Space for all Ultra High Net Worth people around the world.

International Billionaires La’Belle Exotica Club is actually geared towards Business Leaders – CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Business Owners, Investors and Consultants as well as innovators are welcome.
(Billionaires & Millionaires)

For more information and to know the details of the Club and retreats, you can write to: Email id:

Kristna in her own words puts International Billionaires La’Belle Exotica Club is about Glamour, Exotica, Elegance, Quality, Unique & Wellness of Mind, Body & Soul .

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