The Significant Anthology by Perveiz Ali

The “Significant Anthology” indeed is a significant contribution to the art of writing and literature. With diversified themes in both rhyme and prose it is a pleasant read. Literature lovers should make sure to keep this book in easy reach so as to relish the fractious thoughts of 176 writers from different countries.

“The Significant Anthology” compiled by Reena Prasad and Dr. Ampat Koshy covers various subjects such as romanticism, subjugation, racism, autism and nostalgia. There is the long simple rhyming quatrain pattern poem “OH HARK!” by Dr. Santosh Bakaya and other poems that consist of selected pearls that titillate the mind. This section is filled not only with excellent older skilled writers poetry (Tapeshwar Prasad, Sunita Prasad, Neetu Wali etc.) but also the works of many young poets (Avikal Shukla, Waseem A Malla, Udita Garg etc.). These young bards obviously will secure a permanent place in these history making pages.

With simple words, it is possible to taste one’s heart and experience his/her soul as the lines give you an awesome opportunity to see the world through their prism. By the lines of these blooming poets, one can journey through their native lands to enjoy the experience of their culture and human behavior. Without any exaggeration, it can be said that so many poems of this anthology pulls you into the Author’s world to share their experiences. Rukhaya M. K writes:

“I don’t know what destiny is-

Why the ink on the paper

never goes back

to the pen that writ.

Why you can never

rewind the yarn of life,

or relive childhood

Only on sepia prints? “

The prose section of this anthology is a bit short, just 29 in number, but that doesn’t mean it is of less value. When there are prose pieces as good as “Tearful Memories” “The Custodian “and” The Desert Of Love” … what more can one wish to have? It will surely be an interesting journey through the pages of this Anthology.

Sajini Chandrasekera writes:

“Standing on the sea shore, I looked far away into the deep blue seas where the White Sea waves were crashing into each other and filling the air with its splashing noises. How I loved these and how I enjoyed the swims and late night on the beach, how I embraced the silence on cold nights just watching the night sea. But, how fast things changed and I never for a moment dreamt that the sea I loved so much, would one day hurt me and make me feel so lonesome. I closed my eyes to recall memories of that day which had brought tears and pain, and Shattered the life I had slowly built.”

Apart from prose and poetry, there is a wonderful and heart touching drama “My Son Is Autistic” by Jawaid Danish.

At the end, is the long poem “OH HARK!” by none other than inspirational writer Dr. Santosh Bakaya. This poem comprises 50 parts, with each part more compelling than the previous one. This is not a simple poem but a master piece. There is no need to add more about this poem, as there is already a detailed introduction by one of the editors of this Anthology Dr. Ampat Koshy.

Dr. Santosh Bakaya writes:

“The owl was silent, but suddenly a loud bell rang in the dark, oh hark.

In the many faces around the tree stump there was terror stark.

Was Death calling? “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,”

Remarked the man in the hammock, ignoring the chirping bird in the tree.

“Another of your poems, you wannabe poet?” The man in the hat smirked.

“Are you crazy? It is Donne”, retorted the poet, in his beard, a smile lurked.

Wiping his lips with a fallen leaf, the hatted one, said, “I too am done.”

Before he could retort, in the wilderness, there was the roar of a gun.

At this roar the terrified monolith, sprung an inch off the bench.

And with a loud thud, the poor man rolled into the trench.

The lady with the parasol with raven black hair and incredible vivacity

Parasol in hand, ran towards the trench with mind boggling alacrity.”

These lines invariably bring a smile to my lips, especially the play on the words Donnne and Done.

This Anthology is dedicated to those people with autism, their parents, siblings, caregivers and all artists and writers all over the world as they stand together for the cause of the disabled and for peace. Well-crafted artistic covers and the book in general is an award in itself from Morph Books.


About the Author

Perveiz Ali, born in the eighties in Pampore, the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir, graduated from Centurion Shri Pratap College in Srinagar. He then earned his post-graduate degree in Geography from The University of Kashmir and now works as a teacher. He has been published in Criterion: An international Journal in English, featured in different anthologies like The Squire: 365 Day Anthology, The Art of Being Human volume 13, Via Grapevine III ( In process). Further, he is writing for and on a routine basis.

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