Hey Dad! Meet my Mom by Enakshi Johri


True love quote. ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’ is a tale about love, hope and trust. The novella depicts love as a force that makes miracles happen. The story revolves around Puneet, who is an introvert by nature and has fallen, head over heels, in love with Myra. But wait! The plot is not so simple. The real turn of events begins when Rishi, who calls himself Puneet’s child, enters the scene. Though the initial few meetings of the father-son duo do not go in sync. With time, Puneet grows fond of his son. Little does he realize that Rishi constantly tries to bulldoze him into doing what he wants.

But is Rishi his future son, because Puneet is still unmarried! Why does Rishi want Myra and Puneet to break up? Isn’t Myra Rishi’s mother? This tale is a mix of emotions and suspense.

To get all your questions answered, grab the copy soon!

My opinion

It is said the Love always finds its way. But what happens when your future/ past starts haunting you? ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’ is a pot- boiler with all the necessary elements of humor, emotion, love, mystery and fear. The way the authors have sequenced and timed the events, is commendable. Not only does the story offer an interesting read, but it also aims in restoring your faith in love.

The cover of the book is catchy (though I feel that the picture used in the beginning of every chapter would have been suited better as the cover). The title of the story gives the impression that this story is related to “Action Replay”, but the authors have been successful in knocking off the socks of the readers and the critics. The plot is twisted and you cannot afford to miss even a single page in order to keep the flow of the story going. The language is simple and clear. The dialog delivery is good.

The character sketch has been done fine. The book gains a plus point because of the dreams that have been portrayed so beautifully (in Italics).

Overall, a nice read.

Best wishes to the authors!


There are some typos. The cover of the book could have been made more attractive. The character of Maya was sidelined way too much. Either her role could have been skipped or her character could have been described a little more. The question “Why were Puneet’s parents against his marriage?” has not been answered.


Title: Hey Dad! Meet my mom

Author: Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agarwal

Publisher: Gargi Publishers



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