My Pen and Wise Men by Vikas Sinha

My pen and I talked

About music, rivers and stars

About fairies, dragons and the czars

About rainbows, Hogwarts and the centaurs


We wandered together in erratic directions

We boarded our craft and travelled through dimensions

We met the princess who kisses the toads

We saw the greens, the yellows, the reds and the woad


We swayed together in bliss and sorrows

We played with dinosaurs, ostriches and sparrows

We flew at night over forbidden empires

We crossed the kingdoms of werewolves and vampires


But, we couldn’t distinguish blacks, browns or whites

We couldn’t decipher the meanings of those fights

We couldn’t comprehend the division of water and oil

The battles over trees and borders turmoil


I am better in my room with my fantasies

I am better off that virtue which brings such vagaries

I am better off friends and I love my pen

Because we talk and have no worries of wise men

About the Author

Vikas Sinha is ironically caught up in the great Indian struggle of earning bread and butter. He is aspirational yet pragmatically aware of his needs and thus make his living by creating integrated marketing solutions. He lives an unfulfilled life, severely deprived of love and solitude, and with an unquenchable creative thirst.

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