A Woman of Substance by Anmol Saini

Far beyond pretence she is,

not like the usual kind

with a talent so intriguing

and a mind so intimidating.

Years of experience,

lie hidden in those deep eyes.

A graceful demeanour,

a beautiful smile.

But those eyes,

if someone ever saw through them,

knew she was never the usual kind.

She is the leader

of her own life

with roaring courage,

that let her survive

through the deepest waters

and the darkest nights.

There was so much pain,

yet she smiled.

Her strong will, her love

and the insane passion

for art is all she had, still has.

Oh, that woman went places,

lived every moment

with no regrets

and all those memories

she creates on the way

remain her dearest treasures.

She could give up,

she had all the reasons.

But the strength of her soul

sailed her through every season.

People left, life changed,

but her love, her passion

are what always remained.

For the chaotic world around,

she’s just any other woman,

yet not the usual kind.

For her strength, her boldness

and her diamond like brilliance

inspires every soul around.

She’s fearless and proud

of the scars that life gave

for true beauty is found

in art, beyond the flaws.

One look at you

and she’ll see through you.

For her eyes know

what’s real and true.

I often wonder

what a magnificent place

her mind would be.

A melange of colours, maybe?

Confidence is her best accessory

and that’s all that makes her

what a woman of substance must be.

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini is a first-year media student of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (UG), Pune. Daughter of an army officer, she has been struck by wanderlust since a very young age and believes that exploration is the essence of life. For her, there is much more to living than merely existing. Creativity is her air and rhetoric is her food. She seeks beauty and inspiration from the people she meets and their life stories. She has worked for different organisations in order to fulfil her creative endeavours in the field of media and communication. She aspires to be a journalist by profession.

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