A Demon of Your Own Making by Sneha Pathak

Deep in the fortress of your heart,

Lurks a demon, there in the problem starts.

A demon that slays your dreams and holds you captive,

It holds you back and pushes you to the ground,

Damaging your self-worth, inflicting daily wounds.

It feeds on those voices, that claim to be your friends,

It survives on the cycle of self-pity that never ends.

It stems from your faltering will, your fear and your doubts,

Subduing the voice of reason, whenever it shouts.

You let the demon grow, nurtured it and let it stay,

To slay it once and for all, there is only one way.

To break free the boundaries of your mind,

Let the air of positivity flow, let it flow unconfined.

Everything they say you are,

Do not let it leave a scar.

What they say and what they want,

They want it to define you, but it can’t.

You are what you are,

Don’t let your fears, become your bell jar.

The naysayers will all one day see,

Watching you become, everything they thought you can never be.

Know your potential, your power, your fire,

When you let go, you will raise higher.

Step out of the prison, see yourself anew,

Step out and see, it’s a beautiful view.

About the Author

Sneha Pathak

Sneha Pathak is a young student from Mumbai who enjoys writing and attempts to write and share her work with others in a way that is relatable. She enjoys reading, sketching, writing poetry and blogging. Her blog is - awordseeker.wordpress.com

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