Juggling Dilemmas by Bhavika Patel

We always find some or the other reasons to think that life’s hard or is unworthy instead of being happy with the things we have and I am no exception. Being an independent working girl there comes many a responsibilities to live up to family’s expectation and also to improve your performance at work. While on my way to work in a shared auto I always get to hear the auto-drivers complaining about life or the traffic in Ahmadabad or my co-passengers talking about the state Govt or at times about their lives and day-to-day problems. Every morning while on my way to office many a times I encounter a middle-aged man, being my co-passenger. From his gloomy face everyone has the same impression of him. Many a times when he is my co-passenger I see people talking about anything & everything but he is the one who always smiles and hardly speaks to anyone.

     The other day while on my way to work he happened to be my co-passenger while others were nagging about their work while he was calm and composed as usual. While the auto-driver was nagging about his wife’s expenses, another man was talking about the scorching heat while the man was still settled in his seat and peaceful. Another middle-aged woman started complaining about her work in her office, it was only then the man actually became serious and pondered over for a while and then said “I am a retired person but still i work for a living, my age can’t stop me from working. Working for all these years as a businessman gave me the faith & dedication towards my work.While all my savings were used for my ailing son’s treatment we couldn’t cure him and I lost him and our business was shut down.I had lost all my hopes but here I am still working with my work now as a manager in a restaurant because it makes me happy”.

Similarly the other day at my office my boss was chiding our peon for his mistakes but today he seemed to be the happiest person in the world. I saw him going to our director’s office with a box in his hands, greeted him while he was in a hurry to meet our Sir. Later on he came to me with a box of sweets, I asked him the reason and he said that his daughter topped in her class with a distinction

These two live examples in front of me taught me a lesson for life. In our daily lives with this fleeting time we are so engrossed with our problems that we forget about the things that make us happy may it be tiny or big.

About the Author

Bhavika Patel

Bhavika Patel is a self-motivated, optimistic & affable person. She was born and brought up in Orissa where she did her schooling, thereafter she moved to Rajkot for her graduation. She did her Masters in Human Resources Management from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Currently she is an HR professional working with an IT firm based in Ahmedabad. She likes reading novels (not a voracious reader though) & collecting meaningful articles.

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