Symphonies by Ananya Dhawan

An un-elaborate symphony
plain, and white.
A dull, never-ending throb
but the sole way to conquer.

A bloody symphony
lively, disoriented.
A chaotic rhapsody so red,
barely livable.

A symphony so dark,
fearful, black, obtuse
-a shelter from the destroyer
a deserved recluse.

A liquid symphony
tuned and pure.
Spineless, yet defined
like a base, so sure

About the Author

Ananya Dhawan

Ananya is an avid reader and writes poetry and stories in her spare time, which reflects her deep fascination for Literature. She has a cheerful disposition, believes in living each moment to the fullest and shows keen interest in the sensitive side of life. She works as a Features Editor at eFiction India. Find her on Google+

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