Sweet Angels by Dimpy Chowdhry

I sit here out of site, hiding and watching
As the children frolic in the park
I think how lucky these youngsters are
Who run carefree until it gets dark

No hatred, no animosity in their hearts
So innocent and so fragile they can be
Nothing like the people we grow up and become
I discover this as I am hidden under the tree

Playing and dirtying all their clothes
These children, so delicate, so very rare
Girls in their frocks, boys wearing shorts
They look so peaceful, can’t help but stare

Precious, so valuable, these little people are
I’m grateful, I’m obliged because they are this way
These angels, theses tiny sweet darlings
I gaze at, and appreciate as they play and play.

About the Author

dimpychowdhryDimpy is a major in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems from NY. She loves to read, listen to music and dance in her spare time, besides write once in a while. She is married to Anmol and blessed with two girls.

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