Because Life is a Gift

Because Life is a Gift’ is a compilation of 15 real life stories of ‘differently- abled’ people, who have or are in the process of carving a niche for themselves in a world so different to theirs, in a world where they are shunned and looked down upon. But nothing stops them from chasing their dreams. They are the ones who take nothing for granted and genuinely respect the gift called ‘Life’.

The cover page is bright and ebullient, instilled in me the feel of ‘dreaming big’, and the title is simple and to the point- nothing flowery or mysterious about it. A glance at the title, and we know that this is going to be one hell on an inspirational read.

The book is not preachy and without being too descriptive, the author is able to transport the readers into another world, a better, brighter world, albeit ‘abnormal’, and yet, the abnormality seems to be a better reality.

Be it Sai, who, being paralysed, not only went abroad to get a Masters degree from The University of Wisconsin, but also sky dived from 14000 feet, thus entering the Limca Book of Records for being the first disabled Indian to do it or Sukhsohit Singh, a Thalessemia patient who was deemed ‘unfit’ by the Government despite cracking the Indian Civil Services exam. But that did not deter him from fighting to get what he deserved and today Sukhsohit is the first genetically disabled patient to be a part of the Indian Civil Services.

Commendable achievements indeed!

Another admirable example is that of Sheela Sharma, a painter without arms. Sheela had a traumatized childhood, losing her arms as a baby in an accident that killed her mother. Losing her mother, and being abandoned by her drunkard father, the future seemed bleak for the disabled Sheela until the world of colours, the world of painting gave her life a new direction. Despite being armless, she learnt to paint with her left foot, and today she is a renowned figure in the field of art. Also, she is happily married and a mother of two and despite of her unusual and troublesome journey, she has enough to thank her life for.

The writing style is lucid and I would recommend the book to anyone in need of a dose of inspiration.

Book: Because Life is a Gift Author: Disha Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors Price: Rs 125 (Paperback)

About the Author

Ananya Dhawan

Ananya is an avid reader and writes poetry and stories in her spare time, which reflects her deep fascination for Literature. She has a cheerful disposition, believes in living each moment to the fullest and shows keen interest in the sensitive side of life. She works as a Features Editor at eFiction India. Find her on Google+

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