The Bottom Line : Half an hour of Pure Entertainment

The Bottom Line is half an hour of pure entertainment, but as Sorabh Pant likes to insist, we get to learn too. The comedy quartet of Sorabh Pant, Sapan Verma, Sahil Shah and Atul Khatri indulge themselves unfeigned at their twisted take on men, politicians, politics, film actors, sportsmen, countries and everyone and everything else they can think of. Instead of a comedy show surviving on plain jokes here is a marvel of a news show on NDTV Prime that blends clowning with vaudeville and creates a confluence of news items in a way the audience would like to see them.

The host of this spoof of a show on the general news debates and shows has an impeccable sense of humor conjoined in a witty take with daily news provided in heroic metaphors, marked colloquially with his one-man acts. His expressions, his style of saying things, his understanding of the news and then his wanton take on it are truly the show-stopper of the whole episode. A funny line here, a quip there adds to the taste of the evening. The feature artists do a tremendous job as well, constantly keeping us either laughing or at the best smiling throughout the show.

Whether it’s the mid day meal fiasco, the controversial meeting of Ved Pratap Vaidik with Hafiz Saeed, why Mary Kom posters look like out of a vampire movie, what is Saif Ali Khan sorry for, the ways of AAP, juvenile criminals being treated as adults for major crimes, it covers it all and says it all in a way the audience likes it best – with anecdotes of humor. Packed with entertainment, the artists of the show have something to say for everything and the best part is that they say what the public of India already know in their hearts, is there and right, but this fact was so far never accepted so surreptitiously on cameras.

This slew of news comedy is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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