After All Love Wont Mind Such Disparity by Surbhi Thukral

Ensconced on a chaise longue, she watches him
run his fingers through his bedraggled hair,
‘a beer and burger,’ he winks to the maître d’,
‘wine and mixed greens, please,’
her voice like the gentle wind¬ caressing the leaves,
behold, her body so slender and his portly physique,
his face is rotund and her countenance is chiseled,
his habiliment laid-back and her dress looks classy,
the onlookers must wonder about this odd couple, isn’t it?
silence sojourns on her lips,
a sudden surge of compassion
feathers his feelings,
he looks down at her delicate hands
soaked in anxiety,
smile adorns her eyes when
he spills some beer on the fancy table,
it must be premeditated, I believe,
she lifts up her eyes briefly
not a trace of dark grace, she thinks
they could belong to each other, I think,
after all love won’t mind such disparity.

About the Poet

Surbhi Thukral

Surbhi Thukral is a new mother of a 4-month-old beautiful boy. She has named him Ayaan; it means gift of God. Apart from being a doting mother, she writes fiction and poetry. Her work has been published in various anthologies, magazines and journals.

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