Infernal Luxuria by Sharmilee Padhi

I have been watching her for a year now. She has grown since the last time I saw her. I can feel the electric currents sizzling in the air surrounding her. Her long tresses follow behind like waves as she whirls around. Her skin is radiant and unblemished like porcelain. Her eyes burn bright with an inextinguishable fire. There’s that mischievous smirk splayed across her face that is chiselled to perfection; defined jaw line, high cheekbones, a sharp nose. Standing afar I wonder how someone so angelic harbours such diabolical thoughts.

She spots me. Her hypnotic gaze sends me off into a trance. Her long fingers beckon me to move closer, unwillingly I obey. I’m now standing in front of her, fully aware of what’s to follow. She takes my hands in hers; I resist. Her eyes are ablaze with fury because of my reluctance to submit. I plead for mercy but no sound escapes my lips. I try again, this time shaking my head from side to side indicating that I will not succumb to her whim.

She grins at me savagely. She leans in close and whispers in my ears, “Run, before I change my mind.” I make my move in the opposite direction and all she does is laugh. I run without looking back and I know that the distance between us has grown as her shrieks diminish. My speed has picked up in the last year as running away from her has become a recurring ordeal. I can see the barren expanse in front of me. “Just a bit further and I’ll reach the gates,” I encouraged myself as my legs grew fatigued. My breathing is becoming short and heavy, I’m working on adrenaline now. My eyes light up as I see the gates merely a few metres away. This is the furthest I have ever gotten. Tears stream down my face with the realisation that I will finally escape her. “Just ten more steps,” I mutter under my breath. As my strides lengthen with the hope of reaching my destination I hear her shrieks again. They’re getting louder, the air around me is becoming chillier and my legs are now heavier. I drop to the ground midstride. I look up only to find her angelic face against mine. Her fiery touch burns my skin and my breath quickens. I want to wrestle away from her clutches but her grip strengthens. Yes the end is near and all I do is wait to be consumed. I know what I have to do to tame her. She reads my thoughts and releases her grip. Her face softens and she smiles. “Shall I get ready then,” she asks and I nod my assent.

I pick up the phone and dial his number. My battle with lust continues.

About the Author

Sharmilee Padhi

Sharmilee Padhi is a brand manager by profession and an aspiring writer who occasionally escapes the chaotic corporate world by indulging in leisure writing. Her love for reading and analysing characters, plots and themes, drove her to pursue her graduation in English Literature from Delhi University. Being blessed with the “gift of the gab” and a flair for languages she further studied Communications from FLAME (Foundation for Liberal and Management Education) in Pune.

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